The Talk Shop Series with Roshanna Trim

June 5, 2021

3:00 pm


Event Description

The Talk Shop Series with Roshanna Trim

Session 1 – Get Over It! Conquering Your Public Speaking Fears.

  • Want to be a better public speaker ?
  • Want to overcome your nerves during presentations?
  • Want to know how to express yourself better in personal settings?

Then The Talk Shop Series is the solution for you”

I know that public speaking can be scary and learning to conquer those fears may seem daunting. I want to help you conquer those fears.

Roshanna Trim is hosting monthly workshops starting June 5th to share some of the tips and tools I’ve learned over the years to conquer public speaking fears and keep any audience engaged and inspire action no matter how big or small.

Click the link to register! Saturday 3:00 pm

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