The Barbados Museum & Historical Society Exhibition – LOOKA: Dismantling the Colonial Gaze

November 1, 2023

November 30, 2023


Event Description

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition LOOKA: Dismantling the Colonial Gaze, launching on 20 July 2023.

LOOKA: Dismantling the Colonial Gaze is a powerful collaboration between five women artists working primarily in photography – Risée Chaderton-Charles, Jalisa Marshall, Joy Maynard, Amber Newton and Kia Redman.

Responding to the Historic Postcard collection of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society, the artists offer unprecedented narratives through original works, and critically engage with, challenge and dismantle the ways in which Black bodies have been objectified, dehumanised, and reduced to stereotypes through the lens of colonialism.

The artists invite us to reconsider the power dynamics at play in the production and circulation of images and offer alternative visual languages of the Caribbean that center Black agency and subjectivity.

For more information, please contact Curator Natalie McGuire at or +1 (246) 538 – 0201.

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