CHANGE OF VENUE – Crop Over Festival – Grand Kadooment

August 5, 2019


Event Description

*** Please note the Changes below.

This carnival parade features large bands with members dressed in elaborate costumes to depict various themes.

Designers compete for the coveted Designer of the Year prize while the revelers are intent on having a good time!

*** This year, there will be two assembly points: Warrens at 8:00 a.m and the new National Botanical Gardens at 8:30 a.m.

Bands will proceed across Codrington Road to parade in front of the judges.

From the Warrens starting point: Bands will proceed along Green Hill, across Codrington Road to parade in front of the judges and then move onto Station Hill, Bank Hall Cross Road, Eagle Hall to Black Main Road and left at the Frank Worrell Roundabout onto the Mighty Grynner Highway.

From the National Botanical Gardens: The bands will parade in front of the judges on Codrington Road and then continue along the usual route mentioned to the Mighty Grynner Highway.

All bands will continue along the left lane of the highway to Holborn where the revellers will enter Kensington Oval for the Kadoonment Day eWhine After Party. The vehicles are expected to continue on through Fontabelle or along the Harbour Road.

Bands are judged in the following categories:
Portrayal: 40 points
Depiction of a theme

Craftsmanship: 20 points
Skill in costume making

Presentation: 10 points
Impact made on the stage

Originality: 15 points
Inventiveness in use of materials and portrayal of the concept

Visual Impact: 15 points

For more information contact: 
National Cultural Foundation: 246-417-6610 / 246-438-0909

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