26 - 29 May

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    Wise Bible College, Fortescue, St. Phillip

    26 May, 2023 To 29 May, 2023

    10:29 pm - 10:29 pm


    “Today’s Training for Tomorrow’s Leaders”

    Integrity Matters
    (Ages 15-30)

    May 26th – 29th 2023
    Located Wise Bible College, Fortescue, St. Phillip, Barbados

    Cost: $100.00bds
    Registration: $25.00
    Deadline: April 25th, 2023

    Guest Facilitator: Brice Wurdeman

    This events features:
    -‘Bond’ Fire
    -Panel Discussion
    -Scavenger Hunt
    -Devotions by the cliff & much more!

    For more information contact 1-246-288-4461
    or email wisebiblecollege@gmail.com

    Unravel integrity in leadership at school, home & Community.