Country Life, #3 Belle Farm, St. George

    01 Apr, 2023

    12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Nie Jay Adventures is conceptualized by two outgoing 7 years olds’ and managed by their granny Collen, this business hosts exciting events that bring families together.

    Nie Jay Adventures presents NieJay’s Egga Venture

    Located Country Life, #3 Belle Farm, St. George.                                                                                                                                                                          1st April 2023, from 12:00noon to 6:00pm

    There are 4 segments of egg hunts:

    • Ages 1-3 (1:00pm)
    • Ages 4-6 (1:30pm)
    • Ages 7-9 (2:00pm)
    • Ages 10-12 (2:30pm)
    • Treasure Hunt for children 13 years and older

    Enjoy the Music, Games, Animal Interaction Corner, Easter Bunny Lounge and there are loads of prizes to be won.

    Food and drinks on sale

    Admission Adults $20.oobds or $25.00bds at the door. Children 3-12 $10.00bds or $15.00bds at the door.

    For tickets visit ticketpal.com or call Colleen Webster at (246) 245-4002 for more information.

    Can also email at Collewebs@gmail.com or visit Instagram account at @niejayadventures.