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03 February 2019
Keratoconus Barbados - Support and Advocacy Group Launch

You are invited to see the Launch of a Support and Advocacy Group for the rare condition Keratoconus, on the 3rd of Feb at Radisson Aquatica Resort.  

Keratoconus is a progressive, rare eye condition that causes visual impairment with blurred vision and high sensitivity to light among other symptoms. It cannot be corrected by glasses and only recent advances now offer a method of halting the progression. It is mainly seen in teenagers and young people in their twenties and can progress quickly once started. No research has been done but it appears that Barbados has a higher than normal incidence.  

The objective of the launch is to get persons who have keratoconus to join the community as patient advocates and to donate their time and energy to help others with awareness of the condition.

An overview of the condition by Dr. Nigel Barker, who is an Ophthalmologist and Consultant Corneal Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, will provide valuable insight and better understanding of keratoconus for all in attendance to spread the word.

The Launch will provide a chance to hear from others with the condition as they tell their story of the keratoconus journey, challenges and coping methods.

Fundraising job #1 is to strengthen the capability of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by the purchase of the special equipment required to allow early detection and monitoring of the condition. The target is BDS$200,000 for equipment and preventative maintenance with donations paid directly to Q.E.H.

The meeting starts at 3 pm.

Entry is free


Start time: 3:00 PM   End time: 6:00 PM


Venue: Radission Aquatica Resort, Aquatic Gap, Carlisle Bay, St. MichaelRadission Aquatica Resort, Aquatic Gap, Carlisle Bay, St. Michael

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