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17,20 October 2018
Guardian Group Youth Football Tournament

The Guardian Group Youth Football Tournament is organised by the Barbados Football Association.

Come out and support and cheer on these rising football stars every Saturday morning until Dec 1st as matches are played at various venues on the island.

Games will be played at the following venues:
BFA Wildey Turf, Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Regency Park, Wildey, St. Michael
Kickstart Football Club, First Caribbean Int. Bank, Wildey, St. Michael
Blenhiem Playing Field, St. Michael
Meadow Road, Wildey, St. Michael
Parkinson Playing Field, Parkinson Field, St. Michael

Here's the schedule:
Wed Oct 17 2018
Wildey Astro Turf - IPI Under 17
5:00 pm Barbados Youth Service U17 VSB.S.A U17 Super-Stars

Sat Oct 20 2018
Wildey Astro Turf - SOS Under 9 Zones A & B
8:30 am
Zone B: Pro Shottas United U9 VS Kick Start Hot Shots U9
Zone A: Mavericks Fire Under 9 VS Kick Start Suns U9
9:30 am
Zone A: Youth Milan U9 VS Pro- Shottas Spurs U9
Zone B: Paradise U9 Youth VS Empire U9
10:30 am
Zone A: All Stars Elite U9 VS Kick Start Sparks U9
Zone B: United Stars Alliance U9 VS WhiteHall U9
11:30 am
Zone A: F.V. West Coast F.C. U9 VS Barbados Youth Service U9
Zone B: Ellerton U9 VS Launfal Soccer Academy U9

Blenheim A - IPI Under 17
8:30 am Pinelands Academy U17 VS Barbados Youth Service U17
10:30 am B.S.A U17 Warriors VS B.S.A U17 Super-Stars

Blenheim B - LIBERATOR Under 13 Zone A
8:30 am F.V. West Coast F.C. U13 VS B.S.A Under 13 Superstars
9:45 am Mavericks Heat U13 VS Pro Shottas Spurs U13
11:00 am Kickstart Hammers U13 VS Eastern United U13
12:15 pm Pinelands Academy U13 VS Pride of Gall Hill U13

Blenhiem C - IPI Under 17
8:30 am Paradise Youth U17 VS Pro Shottas United U17
10:30 am Kick Start United U17 VS F.V. West Coast F.C. U17

Blenhiem D - LIBERATOR Under 13 Zone B
8:30 am United Stars Alliance U13 VS NSC Blenheim Ballers U13
9:45 am Pro Shottas United U13 VS Barbados Youth Service U13
11:00 am WhiteHall U13 VS Notre Dame U13 Youth

Meadow Road - PRAESIDIA Under 15 Zone A
8:30 am FLOW Pro Shottas U15 VS Cosmos U15
9:50 am Paradise U15 Youth VS All Stars Elite U15
11:20 am B.S.A. Superstars U15 VS Kick Start Gunners U15
12:45 pm Wildey Sports Academy 15 VS United Stars Alliance U15

Kickstart - REJUVENATOR Under 11 Zones A & B
8:30 am
Zone A: Paradise U11 Youth VS United Stars Alliance U11
Zone B: Weymouth Wales U11 VS F.V. West Coast F.C. U11 Thunder B
9:30 am
Zone A: F.V. West Coast F.C. U11 Reigns A VS Barbados Youth Service U11
Zone B: Pinelands Academy U11 VS Pro Shottas Spurs U11

10:30 am
Zone A: Pro Shottas United U11 VS Kick Start Shooters U11
Zone B: Mavericks Fire U11 VS Route 16 United U11
11:30 am
Zone B: Ellerton U11 VS Youth Milan U11
Zone A: Empire U11 VS Launfal Soccer Academy U11
12:30 pm
Zone B: All Star Elite U11 VS Kick Start Kickers U11
Zone A: St Andrew Lions U11 VS Wildey Sports Academy U11

Parkinson Field - PRAESIDIA Under 15 Zone A
8:30 am Pro Shottas United U15 VS Ellerton U15
9:50 am Notre Dame U15 Youth VS NSC Blenheim Ballers U15
11:20 am WhiteHall Spartans U15 VS Pride of Gall Hill U15
12:45 pm Pinelands Academy U15 VS Mavericks Heat U15

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