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24,25 November 2017
Motor Sport - Winter Rally and Barbados Historic Rally Carnival

This event is promoted by the Barbados Rally Club (BRC)

In the Winter Rally Speed Event cars run individually, even though two or more individual runs may be taking place concurrently. The winner is the competitor who covers the distance in the least time.  

In the Barbados Historic Rally Carnival, cars will compete in two divisions: those manufactured up to 1974 and those manufactured between 1975 and 1981. No modern day modifications to the cars are allowed.

Here's the Schedule:
Fri, Nov 24
6:00 pm - Vaucluse Raceway
1800 Special Stage (SS) 1 & SS2 (5.80km each)
Clubhouse and Pit Bar open at 4:00 pm

Sat, Nov 25
2:45 pm - Vaucluse Raceway
1420 SS3 - Dark Hole to Springvale 1 (5.00km)
1450 SS4 - Hangmans Hill to Lion Castle 1 (5.00km)
1520 SS5 - Dark Hole to Springvale 2 (5.00km)
1550 SS6 - Hangmans Hill to Lion Castle 2 (5.00km)
1640 SS7 - Dark Hole to Springvale 3 (5.00km)
1710 SS8 - Hangmans Hill to Lion Castle3 (5.00km)
Dinner Halt
7:00 pm - Vaucluse Raceway
1900 SS9 - Four Hills to French Village 1 (4.50km)
1940 SS10 - Canefield to Hangmans Hill 1 (5.90km)
2025 SS11 - Four Hills to French Village 2 (4.50km)
2105 SS12 - Canefield to Hangmans Hill 2 (5.90km)
2210 SS13 - Four Hills to French Village 3 (4.50km)
2250 SS14 - Canefield to Hangmans Hill 3 (5.90km)
Clubhouse and Pit Bar open at 12:00 pm

Admission (Walk-in Only):
Clubhouse - Bds $10
Pit Bar - Bds $5

Food and drinks on sale.

No coolers allowed in Clubhouse/VIP. You can bring them into the Walk in Spectator Area.

Venue: Vaucluse Racetrack, Vaucluse, St. Thomas


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