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19 November 2017
Motor Sport - Karting - 2nd Season, Day 5 - BKA SDRR Motorsports/Chefette Championship

This is Round 10 of the BKA SDRR Motorsports/Chefette Championship

Competition is in 5 classes. These are:
Easy Kart 60cc
Yamaha Sportsman Light
Yamaha Sportsman Heavy
Yamaha 301
125 Shifter

There are no divisions by gender, but there is age grouping, with 5yo starting in Easy Kart 60, 12yo in Yamaha 310, and adults in 125 Shifters.

The year is split in to 2 seasons (5 events each) with a winners by class for each season and overall winners for the year.

At each event, there are 4 races.  Starting positions for race 1 are determined by qualifying times and for the other 3 races by performance in the previous race.

At a typical race meet, between 20 and 40 karters compete.

Entrance Fee:  
Bds $5.00 for the pit
Bds $10.00 for the open air suite with the canteen in full swing

The atmosphere at these events is family oriented.
There is no food and drink on sale, by patrons bring coolers.

Start time: 10:00 AM

Venue: Bushy Park, St Philip

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